Camerino Üniversitesi Doktora İngilizce Programları

Camerino Üniversitesi  Doktora İngilizce Programları

Architecture, Design, Planning:

1) Architecture. Theories and Design;
2) Innovation Design;
3) Sustainable Urban Planning;

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology:

1) Chemical Sciences;
2) Pharmaceutical Sciences;

Legal and Social Sciences:

1) Civil Law and Constitutional Legality;
2) Fundamental Rights in the Global Society;

Life and Health Sciences:

1) Molecular Biology and cellular Biotechnology;
2) One health (integrated approach to health focused on interactions between animals, humans and their diverse environments)
3) Ecosystems and biodiversity management

Science and Technology:

1) Mathematics
2) Computer science
3) Theoretical and experimental Physics
4) Physical and chemical processes in Earth systems